First stepping into the DnB scene in the early 2000’s, the Hungarian duo Zoltán Zombori and Ferenc Hóbor, otherwise known as Darpa, swiftly started to gain reputation in the local Neurofunk scene. Their first release on a major label debuted 3 years ago on the platforms of the Austrian-based Mainframe Recordings, and ever since they landed a string of hits on Raving Panda and Shell Shock Recordings. Darpa contributed to the critically acclaimed ‘Deep in Conflict’ LP with a track named ‘Brainspin’ featuring Steezy MC, which went number 46 in the Beatport top 100 album charts. The duo made themselves a recurring guest in the majority of the essential venues of Budapest’s scene, and besides they continue to headline Millenium’s events as well.


Slipping into the heavier side of DnB with a handful of self-released tracks, DRTWHT a. k. a. DirtyWhite drew attention to his work with his uncommon and rather unique sound. Blending Half-Time and Neurofunk, even spicing it with a glance of Jumpup every now and then, DRTWHT made clear he is one for pushing the limits and exploring his own part of the genre. After raising awerness with studio work and live performances, his records soon debuted as a part of Nu Venture Records’ catalogue. Since, he landed a set of hits on his label and Bass Rabbit, and grew into one of our keystone artist for Millenium.


Entering the blooming Jumpup scene of the 2010’s with a vast appetite, Csapos rapidly gained himself a definite reputation with his taste-defining selection of tracks in his live appearances. Since becoming one of the most promising newcomers to the local DnB landscape, he soon started to raise awareness among the Budapest-based promoters, and begin to lock up slots in various venues, including Barba Negra Track, TRIP, Supersonic and Analog Music Hall.


Being our flagship artist for Techno itself, X3la’s reputation for becoming a taste-defining DJ in the local landscape soon started to catch fire in the past years. His self-released EP named ’Solar System’ landed in early 2019, earning both critical recognition and positive feedback among the Techno scene. X3la soon signed to Techno Legends Records and he’s aiming to launch his first release on a major label later in 2020. His tracks and live performences stir Acid and Industrial Techno, often spiced with a unique analog sounding that also reflects the majority of X3la’s studio work.


Shortly after jumping into the Hungarian DnB scene in early 2019, Buckhat lauched a string of self-released tracks, chiefly with a focus on Jumpup and Rollers, alongside with a handful of other attemps in alternative sub-genres. His live performances debuted side by side with fellow DJ, Grabo, and since, the duo remains one of Millenium’s key acts that we expect a great deal from in the near future.


Known for his tireless energy and creativity during live performances, Grabo is the one for crossing genres and boundaries while mixing, delivering our crowds a vast selection of Jumpfunk and Jumpup. Back to back with Buckhat, the duo locked up several slots in local venues and they continue to build their reputation as uprising newcomers to the DnB scene.